Mozoomder Foundation

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Dear Comrades,

It is with a deep sense of gratitude to all and with immense joy and satisfaction that I, on behalf of our organization, place before you a brief profile of our organization – Mozoomder Foundation (MF).  It offers a glimpse into the proposed activities, its mandate, vision, mission, goals and objectives.  Registered in 2012 MF evisages to undertake a journey of achievements and failures, of grief and happiness in our efforts to work alongside the beneficiaries, preparing them to find their rightful place in the society.  

The tragedies that our people face are so stupendous that we need to go further ahead with our cause. Using a multi-pronged strategy in dealing with the situation, from initial contact to empowerment, it is a journey that we shall undertake with the people and communities at risk; a journey to the horizon of hope where promises of a bright future await.

We hope that many people of goodwill will walk with us, offer us their helping hands and shall encouraged us in ways more than one, to enable us go ahead with tremendous zeal and enthusiasm. In our sincere efforts to provide health care and other services for the welfare of the society, the contribution of the local communities shall be our greatest achievement.

MF envisages crossing many milestones in the process of reaching out to the people who are the poorest, most abandoned and those who find themselves in a situation of psychosocial danger; people who are ‘lost’, ill treated, victims of violence and abuse.  In all these, MF shall try to be a model to regenerate inspiration and self-esteem and act as guide and mentor of the beneficiaries of its different programs and projects. The curative and preventive measures which shall constitute the core of MF’s strategy shall be the living exemplification of the relevance and effectiveness in dealing with people at risk. Great emphasis is always laid on people’s participation, fostering rights, and advocacy.

What MF will achieve shall be solely due to the hard work and commitment of the members of the management, staff and community workers to the cause for whom we shall serve, and due to the generosity of benefactors  and friends. I offer my sincere and heartfelt gratitude to one and all for showing solidarity in our work with disadvantaged people and communities.

I hope that in the coming years we will expand our wok further as there are still so many areas still left to be covered and much work still to be completed.

To quote Robert Frost -The woods are lonely dark and deep, and we have promises to keep, and miles to go before we sleep......

Yours sincerely,

Gourab Majumdar                                                                                           Kolkata

President                                                                                                        December 2012